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Common use problems and solutions for wireless microphones.

To run into a corner, that is to say within a company somewhere sometimes don't get the signal, sometimes with a handheld microphones, don't walk around just body shaking slightly, signal also may sometimes not), that sort of thing really is nerve-racking, for the average user, also always thought wireless microphone quality is bad, in fact, there are several reasons:

Some of the fields do have interference sources.

Now communication tools developed, species diversity, such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc., there are mutual interference, and the field of metal equipment, glass reflection also can produce this kind of situation.

2. Some of the receiving conditions are not good.

If there are columns in the field, and the sound control room is far away from the meeting place, there is a wall blocking or turning a corner and so on, it will affect the normal reception of the signal.

How to deal with this situation?

Here are some empirical summaries for your reference:

1. Some can try to change a set of frequency, because some interference sources may be in conflict with the frequency of the microphone, and changing a set of frequency can solve the problem.

If the court has received environments such as the post not so good, try to buy single double closed (that is, a microphone, two antennas) of that kind of, such as SHURE EUT 24/58, because the two antennas receive range is larger, such as people walk while speaking, the receiver's two yellow lights, instructions in full;

If the yellow light on the left is on the left side of the receiving antenna on your left address range, once you come out on the left side of the receiving range, into the scope of the right, the right of the yellow light light up at once, the right of the antenna to work right away.

This ensures that your voice is fully received.

2. Sometimes you can change the direction and Angle of the antenna to improve your receiving conditions.

3. If the reception environment is too poor, the multi-frequency adjustable wireless microphone, such as SHURE UC and UD4, can be selected.

SHURE companies in the United States has recently introduced a 2 more adjustable frequency wireless microphone ULXS standard and ULXP pro, it is different with previous frequency selective way, it is surrounded by the frequency of the interference, automatic scanning at first put it out, the rest is available without the interference frequency, and can use 20 sets.

4, if encounter conditions more demanding, such as acoustic room is not in the room, or a column, wall blocks, etc., through we test, as long as the extension of the antenna can solve the problem, emergency method is as follows: take a video cable, about 10 ~ 15 m, the original receiver antenna remove the antenna (or purchased a) connected to the video cable line, and then install the antenna in place you tested and can receive the signals.

As much as possible, of course, this need to solve the problem of process, cable walk wiring, if go open wire is neat and normative, and antenna had better do some good, does not affect the receiving and firm.

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